• The ultimate AI-powered solution

      for your Android smartphone



      Moore is the unique integrated Android solution to automatically

      expand your smartphone memory over the cloud,

      and backup or restore your entire Android phone...


      ...vital when your phone is broken, stolen or out of memory!


    • Don't let this happen

    • MOORE leverages the best of machine learning to optimize your on-device storage based on your data usage


      Create unlimited content, even offline

      MOORE optimizes your local cache in
      real-time to make additional space if required


      Access all your files from their usual location
      MOORE is not an app or a folder but a native technology that runs in your smartphone's OS


      Access all your important files from anywhere

      MOORE keeps on-device your most valuable data, while duplicating all files to a Cloud storage space


      Keep control of your data

      MOORE encrypts your files locally before uploading them to a Cloud storage space for a safe backup

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